Soul Cycle 1994 - 2016

In 1994, after purchasing and building my Chicago studio, I embarked on an ambitious project to build and paint 3-8’x15’ canvases depicting a mystical opera
in paint ascribing to the idea of the soul cycle. All three are framed in large textured surrounds incorporating the idea of entrance or portal. This project would
consume the next three years, until late 1996 when I set these paintings aside due to exhaustion, both physical and emotional, and the need to concentrate
on more accessibly sized pieces.

This initial journey is documented in my book, Pause Between Breaths, which is linked on this website and covers the years 1975-2013 in paintings, studio
notes and poems. The intention was to always revisit these paintings and complete them. In 2014 I pulled out the painting Soul’s Desire to Touch and using
my near 40 years of experience began the second stage in this journey. Now, 3 years later, they are done.

From left to right:

Bridge of the Soul: depicting the duality of being a physical and spiritual being
Soul’s Desire to Touch: to awaken into Truth, the desire to find our selves within
To the Last, My Burden Borne: the liberation within the clarity of divine remembrance

To paint, in operatic form, our journey beyond the ordinary into the mysteries that reveal themselves as we awaken into our true selves.
Each a separate glimpse, yet a part of the whole-a soul’s cycle